The Cause Of Chest Pain, Right/Left Side


Most women think that they only have to think about snoring as their major concern once they get married. As couples age together, it’s not new to hear husbands complain about chest soreness.

There are many facts and myths about pain in the chest, but for most people, it’s hard to define which are true and which myths are.

It’s funny to think that many believe that only obese people should be concerned about having chest troubles. In reality, everybody should be aware, because there is nothing more precious than being prepared for mishaps.

If you are living with someone who is suffering from any type of chest sensation, you should read this article to gather more ideas about chest conundrums and what you can do.

Should I be worried?

People don’t deserve to be worrisome about health issues or any kind of problem. On the other hand, you should be worried if you notice that you or your husband frequently feels chest heaviness or any type of twinge in the chest area. You don’t really need to wait for something major to happen. You just need to look into small things and symptoms.

For instance, if you get home or your partner gets home feeling sick due to tightness in the chest, you may want to rest a little and call an emergency hotline or a close friend for help. It’s not worth the risk to wait too long before you take action. Some heart attacks are very sly and can just hit any time.

My husband often experiences nightmares at night, and I am scared because he seems to run out of air.

Shortness of breath is a common sign of most health problems. It can be related to the heart, the lungs or other organs. If you notice that your husband runs out of breath and sweats a lot during the night even if the weather is favourable, try to wake him up and ask him if he is experiencing any type of body pain, especially in his chest. If he doesn’t feel any kind of pain, this should not stop you from being vigilant.

Opposed to what you always see in movies, some people who suffer heart attacks don’t feel heart pain. However, they do have shortness in breath before the attack. You can call your house doctor or ask for any assistance from any medical professional just to make sure that everything is okay.

Which is scarier, chest pain right side or chest pain left side? left-chest-pain

The truth is that it doesn’t matter where the pain is. You should always stay alert once you feel pain or if your husband experiences any kind of pain in his chest area. The only good reason why you should know where the pain comes from is because it helps you determine what might be the problem.

It’s not always heart problems causing discomfort in the chest. Pleurisy, or the inflammation of the inside layer of the lungs can also cause uneasiness among people. If your husband is coughing hard, you may want to check the kind of mucus that he spits out.

If it’s yellow-green mucus and he is having difficulties swallowing, you may need to seek medical attention right away. Another example of a health concern that can cause pain on the right side of the chest is gallbladder problem.

You husband may have a gallbladder problem if the pain strikes after eating fatty meals. It can be on the lower chest on the upper right part of his stomach and should not be taken for granted.

Conversely, pain of the left side of your husband’s chest should also be taken seriously. Angina, or the blockage in blood vessels, normally constitutes difficulty in breathing as the heart gets inadequate oxygen supply.

If you and your hubby just had a fight and unable to patch things up, it’s not surprising that chest ache may also occur. Emotional distress is one of the common triggers of chest twinges, thus it is better to take time to calm down to avoid unsolicited pain in chest.

Having chest pain on your left side or right side does not feel good at all. However, you have to know the causes. Watch the video above to learn more on the topic.